Five Strategies for More Effective Computer & App Tech Training

With new computer applications and programs coming out constantly, the demand for computer training is higher than ever. Instructors are needed to deliver programs and curriculum that teach people these important skills. What follows are five strategies from aigageogfx.com to help ensure effective and productive computer training.

  1. Explain the “why”. It is important when introducing a new gaming technology or program to explain how it will benefit the tech student. Seeing a purpose for the technology is very motivating. For example, if a lesson is about learning Excel, start out by explaining how Excel can be used to pay the home bills. New technology is often rejected by employees because they do not see the value of it. Explaining the “why” behind the change can go a long ways towards employee acceptance of a program change.
  2. Explain thoroughly. An extra hour spent training today can pay off in many hours of productivity later. When teaching a fresh game concept, go through each step carefully without skipping anything important. Give ample opportunity to take notes, if needed, and don’t be afraid to repeat things that seem difficult to your tech students. Give plenty of examples to back up your explanations.
  3. Take time for questions. It is very important when teaching a online gaming computer course to take time for questions during your class time. It is very likely when learning new technology that students will not understand all of it the first time through. Encourage them to ask questions with a “no question is a dumb question” policy. At first, many will feel embarrassed to ask but once you break the ice, it will become easier and easier for your tech gaming students to voice their questions.
  4. Let them try – often and early. The key for learning technology is to try it. It is not enough to read it in a book or hand-out. In fact, it might sound easy on paper. However, trying it is the key for learning it. Let your students try whatever new concepts you are teaching, as soon as possible. By incorporating the practice early into the lesson, you will have the opportunity to observe what the trouble spots are going to be and catch mistakes sooner. Have the computers on as soon as class starts and dive right in.

Teaching computers requires patience and knowledge. It’s not enough to know how to do it you have to be able to explain how to do it.